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10pcs Paint brush set for edible decoration
10pcs Paint brush set for edible decoration

10pcs Paint brush set for edible decoration

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Set of 10  paintbrushes for edible decoration. Made of so soft bristles, anti-rust nickel ferrule and solid wood handle, these brushes are ideal to paint or dust on hard chocolate, fondant, sugar cookies and more.
Suitable to use with gel or oil based edible paint or edible lustres and powders.

Shape and Sizes included:  Flat (5/8, 6) ; Filbert ( 8, 4);  Round ( 1, 2,  3, 5);  Rigger (2, 2/0).

Using warm water and a little bit of mild dish soap, clean and rinse your brushes immediately after you’ve finished painting to avoid paint drying onto your brush.
Once you’ve washed the paint off, reshape your bristles and leave the brushes to dry lying flat.

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