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I recently received  2"Frostino sheets. I have a troubled time getting these to line up! When you print a test sheet they look like they're going to work but when printing the don't. I decided to flip my sheet in the opposite direction to see what would happen. Ta Dah!! It worked . I have a Epson edible printer that feeds from the back. The top of my page on the computer is the bottom of paper prior to  printing, If that make sense in other words the top of document prints first so you must insert the paper with the bottom arrow up. I hope this helps out with printing problems. I might save someone else time and money! 

Ta Dah Cakery


Annie McKee

Date 1/23/2017

i also bought the 2 inch circles but when i went to print on them i realized that my program did not have 2" as an option to print on. wth??

Master Baker

Date 1/23/2017 9:52:23 PM

All templates are available right here in blog section ... here is link

Lucille Robles

Date 2/24/2017

is there any way to change each pic in those circles

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