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Not just the lack of respect for law enforcement, and other public safety professionals, but the senseless deaths that have occurred, both to police officers and the suspects. It is a true heartbreak that so many young Americans have died on the safest streets in the world, but in my opinion it is not the police to blame, and it is not the suspects blame either. I think it has come down to this because the family unit, the one place a person is supposed to feel safe, loved, and secure is falling to the wayside. It seems that we as a society have gone astray when it comes to cherishing our loved ones and spending valuable time with the people we call family. There is no greater sacrifice one can make than for his or her own family. I truly believe when we give our family our all there is no greater reward because that is where we leave our legacy, that is where great men and women of character are built, this is where we can leave an everlasting heritage to the people we leave behind. We've lost our way, we think money, homes, cars are going to fill our insatiable appetites, but ask people like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston how that worked for them, my guess is it was never filled, but talk to men like Denzel Washington or Tom Hanks or believe it or not Joe Walsh and you see they value something more than fame, money and stuff. So why did I get off on this tangent it's because we at Ink4Cakes want to celebrate people, not tear them down, we want to be the encouragement someone needs, we want to see the good in all people including our public safety professionals,( though that might not be very popular in this very turbulent climate). We want to honor the ones walking the thin blue line, the thin orange line and the thin red line and any wearing camouflage putting their lives on the line for us daily. We decided to celebrate this amazing group with an amazing edible image topper to observe all the lives that have been given to keep our country safe and secure! Who knew cake decoration could be such a moving experience, to see the images of our firefighters and law enforcement at 9/11 with a beautiful American flag behind their silhouette. It is truly amazing that this Epson edible printer, icing sheets and edible ink can bring this much joy to the people who make amazing sacrifices for us daily. What a delight it is for Ink4Cakes and its associates to be able to operate in this great nation.

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