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How many icing sheets can I print?
Sooner or later you'll have to replace your edible ink cartridges after warning message is displayed on your edible printer.
After getting ready to buy new set you realized there is option to get XXL edible cartridges for your printer. 
Are they worth extra money?
In short, answer is yes. Extra large capacity edible ink cartridges hold more ink representing much better value than standard edible ink cartridges.
Since Canon edible printers are most popular on market let's breakdown most popular types of Canon edible ink cartridges offered today, however same rules apply to Epson edible ink cartridges.
The page yield is the number of pages one can print from an ink cartridge  and may be a decision factor or be calculated in your cost of printing an edible image. 
Note: Ink yield may vary depending on texts/photos printed, applications software used, print mode, and type of edible paper used.
Most used canon edible cartridges today are 250/251  , 270/271 , 280/281 . They use same body therefore edible ink capacity will be same for all of them.

The quoted page yield for a given sample document is based on an average of three identical edible printers printing each document continuously until the edible ink runs out. This is done three times per printer, using a new set of cartridges each time.

What Affects Page Yield?
Many different variables have to be taken into account when measuring page yield:
  • Content and type of document printed
  • Type of edible paper used
  • Type of edible printer
  • Print mode and driver setting
  • Cake Software application used
  • Conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and frequency of printing


Canon's testing keeps these variables constant to ensure that yields are comparable between different printers.

 Standard Testing Documents, Standard Settings

To determine page yields, a set of standard sample documents is used. These standard test documents are designed to represent the documents and photographs printed by a typical user.


The page yield is based on the consumption data from the succeeding ink tank /ink cartridge but not the first ink tank /ink cartridge.

Click HERE to download 250/251  ink set yield data with estimated number of pages

Click HERE to download 270/271  ink set yield data with estimated number of pages

Click HERE to download 280/281  ink set yield data with estimated number of pages



Date 1/4/2020

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