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Buying your supplies from varoius Marketplaces

Posted by Administrator on 7/20/2012 to Edible Cartridges

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase wisely after making a thorough study and research on various sites. Online stores generally sell good quality products at relatively lower price. Since many customers are inclined to purchase these types of products, online retailers can sell them at low discounted prices because of the fact that customers repeat their purchases every time their printer runs out of  edible ink.

When it comes to purchase ink supplies online, one thing you must make sure, do not take any quick decisions. Always do a research work on online sales and discounts. Remember, the online competition is quite tricky, and finding affordable edible ink cartridges may be a daunting task.   One significant thing is do not bother going to liquidation channels such as Amazon or Ebay, because there you cannot expect to get the best quality products. 

There is plenty home made ,out of  garage " business" offering cheap cartridges actually filled with unsterilized equipment , non FDA approved inks  . You DON'T WANT to put your customers or family in such risk !! 

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Bonnie Robeson
Date: 6/14/2013
I need a printhead ASAP for a 303 Canon Edible printer. Order # AB-2352. I have tried everything your help desk has suggested and it is not working. I want to return this printer or send me a print head. I have promised cakes to people and now cannot uphold my end. I am very embarrassed. I have let alot of people down.. Please get back to me. I've emailed before. Bonnie Robeson
Gail Parker
Date: 1/23/2014
I also need a print head ASAP. I haven't used my printer in months. I' see if the problem is the printhead. Please contact me so I can place the order for the correct one for my printer. Thank you.

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