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Ink4Cake is proud to announce our latest product, Print-a-Cake! We have developed custom printing software specifically for printing on our pre-cut icing sheets. Simply select the size of your icing sheet, then import the image you'd like to print, add some custom text if you'd like with some cool effects and click print. Our software has been calibrated down to the millimeter to provide more accurate results. Edible printing, made easy.

No more monthly fees, no more forced purchases of products to keep your software working!

When you buy an Ink4Cake Edible printer, you will receive a code to try out our new edible printing software, or you can purchase the software as a stand alone without the need of buying an edible printer kit! Once you buy it, its yours to use whenever, with whatever you please! 
Unlike other software, we will not force you to keep buying specific edible sheets in order to keep renewing your printing software. 

If you ever had a hard time fitting the prints within the icing sheet circles, or some of your prints just did not come out exactly the way you wanted them to, worry no more. You will now know exactly what you will get with easy to understand tools within the software that you can manipulate to your liking to give you exactly what you need.

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