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Many people are familiar with edible icing sheets. They have become a staple in the cake decorating world but what isn't so obvious is that they can be used for more than just printing images. Here at Ink4Cakes we offer a variety of brands and sizes of edible icing sheets, and one category of icing sheets is extra special. 
Our FlexFrost Edible Fabric Icing sheets stand out due to their incredible flexibility and versatility. You can definitely use these sheets to print on
(if the color isn't too dark) but they really shine (check out the shimmery sheets as well) when used in non conventional ways. You can bend them, stretch them,
twist them and layer them to your heart's content. 

Here we show you just one way you can use these amazing sheets. Create amazing edible lace to add a special touch of elegance to cakes, cupcakes, and any other pastry you which. Read below, and if you try it out, tag us on our social media, we always love seeing what you create!

Step 1

Make sure you have all materials needed before starting:

1 bowl of room temperature water
Edible Fabric Icing Sheets, you can pre cut these if needed to fit your water bowl
Lace Silicon Mold

Step 2

Once you have all your materials in hand, the next step is to pass your edible fabric sheet through your bowl of water. Do not let it sit in the water, simply pass it through for it to get wet. 

Step 3

Place your wet edible fabric sheet on top of your silicon mold. Do not touch it too much since it may cause your sheet to disintegrate. 

Step 4

With your spatula, press down your edible fabric icing sheet onto the mold so that the edible icing sheet gets trapped in the crevices. 

Step 5

Let your edible lace dry overnight and enjoy decorating!


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