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Bulk Pack Frostino Icing Sheets 8.5x11 Letter Size -  Quantity 10x24
Frostino icing sheets bulk pack

Bulk Pack Frostino Icing Sheets 8.5x11 Letter Size - Quantity 10x24

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10 Packs of 24 Top Grade Icing Sheets Letter Size
Part Number: ISF-BULK
Availability: 0 Out of Stock
Product Type : Frostino Icing Sheets
We recommend to use Frostino pre cut sheets with a rear feeding printer. 

Frostino Icing sheets bulk pack, 10 packs of 24 sheets.

Designed with speed in mind, hand-poured and spread with tapered edges for easy release.
Smooth surface allows better ink saturation, perfect choice for vivid prints and logos.

Our Frostino Icing Sheets are made in the USA with a shelf life of 12 months when properly sealed.
All of our Icing Sheets are produce with no known allergens, FDA approved and Kosher certified.

NOTE: Icing sheets cannot be stored in extreme heat or cold conditions! Room temperature is highly recommend! Always keep them sealed. 

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