All Ink 4 Cakes Icing Sheets are naturally made so please handle them delicately and at all times make sure your hands are well cleaned if not using food grade gloves .
On Supreme frosting sheets icing is applied all the way to the edges .This is normal in order to provide safe or " bleed " area against overprinting .
Be very gentle when inserting sheets in printer and make sure they are secure and edges aligned . You can use adjusters on each side in tray to ensure sheet will feed straight . Always print one at the time .
Some printers will require inserting icing sheet face up or face down as in our CC7 edible printer.
  • Removing Sheet from Backing
Before peeling sheet of we recommend always to dry sheet at least 10 - 15 minutes . Normal room temperatures will help for edible ink adhesion with icing sheet and allow easier removal.
Carefully start peeling sheet of and slowly start bending backing paper  in same time to prevent cracking .
If you removing circles or cut outs use butter knife of spatula .
If you have hard time removing backing sheet than just place already printed edible image in freezer for 30 minutes . Removal will be super easy .
Icing sheets don't need refrigerating . Proper storage in dark and cold place will ensure shelf life of 24 months.