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Tips on keeping your printer in working order

Printer Settings

Your print settings should be set at printer itself and print driver . If you trying to use printer as copy machine please use following settings:

  • Press Copy and than Settings . Paper type should be plain as default .
  • Change PRINT QUALITY to HIGH or PHOTO in Epson printers . This setting will remove horizontal lines in your print since your printer is set on Draft quality as default .

You can also save this printing settings as default if you go to Devices and Printers , than Right click on Preferences . When new window pop up uncheck border-less printing and change printing quality to HIGH or Photo ... for Canon printers check box that say Always Print With Current Settings located in left bottom corner and click Apply , OK . Your print settings will be saved as default .

My printer tries to print but no ink is coming out

Check that your ink cartridges are not empty and that they are inserted properly. If they are, the problem is most likely a clogged print head. A print head cleaning is needed.

Reasons for poor print quality include clogged nozzles/print head, empty ink cartridges, low image resolution, improper media/paper setting and/or improper print quality setting. To improve print quality:

  • Check to be sure your ink tanks aren't out of ink.
  • Make sure yellow tab covering air hole is removed
  • Print nozzle check patter ( For Canon printers go to SET UP - MAINTENANCE - PRINT NOZZLE CHECK PATTERN ) for Epson printers go to SETTINGS - MAINTENANCE -NOZZLE CHECK )
  • Perform Head Cleaning if necessary ( color segments or lines are missing )
  • If problem is not solved perform Deep Cleaning
  • Do not clean print head more than twice in 4 hours or you can damage print head permanently !
  • Repeat head cleaning if needed .
  • If you still don't have correct pattern you must use cleaning cartridge set or change print head ( Canon only )
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Preventative Maintenance

There are other more ink-efficient ways to be able to clean printer heads that will prevent their clogging just as effectively as running the printer's cleaning cycle

It's a good idea to regularly conduct preventive maintenance on your inkjet printer to prevent it from developing clogged printer heads. Printer heads become blocked for a number of reasons, but the most common is simply that the ink cartridge and the printer head have dried out.

Never let the printer stand with an empty cartridge.

Since print heads become clogged when not used for long periods of time, regularly print a page or two to keep the print heads clear. Some experts say that it is better to print one colorful page a week than to run a printer cleaning cycle, because doing so uses a lot less ink. Ideally, printer cleaning cycles should be started once a week to prevent the printer head from getting clogged.

You can buy our Auto Print Head Maintenance Software to automate your scheduled maintenance as you wish .

Buy a Ink 4 Cakes CLEANING CARTRIDGES and use it when needed on your printer.

Covering the printer when not in use to keep it free from dirt and debris also helps prevent the printer heads from getting clogged.

When to use cleaning cartridges

Cleaning cartridges should be used only when necessary . Replace your ink 4 cakes edible ink cartridges with our cleaning cartridges filled with approved cleaning solution . Use only our cleaning set to avoid any chemical interactions .

Run Head Cleaning twice and turn printer off . Wait at least four hours before turning machine on and perform another cleaning . After processing is done it's recommended to turn machine off and wait 24 hours . Important - DO NOT REMOVE CLEANING CARTRIDGES FROM PRINTER

When ready turn printer on and replace cleaning cartridges with edible inks cartridges .Print Nozzle check and perform head cleaning if needed . Change print settings to HIGH or PHOTO for Epson printers for best results . If your print head is still clogged you can replace your print head ( Canon only ) Please contact us for print head price .

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Steps for cleaning the Canon Print Head

Canon printers have a removable printer head that holds the ink cartridges. It is important to print a few pages in both black and color at least once per week in order to keep the ink flowing and prevent clogging.

If the printer head nozzles are blocked or dried out you will need to dissolve the dried ink. An inkjet nozzle has a diameter of about 45 microns which is about 1/2 the width of a human hair. Normally you can clear up minor clogs and streaking by running the cleaning cycle found in your printer's software utility.

Steps for manually cleaning the print head:

If cleaning the print head on your own and not by a professional, please be aware that by doing so may result in a damaged print head that we are not responsible for anymore. Please take caution and remember we do provide Print Head Cleaning services here.

  • Remove the ink tanks and printer head. Remove the ink tanks from the printer head (tank holder) and seal them in a zip lock or other sealable plastic bag. Set them aside, preferably propped upright.
  • Next remove the printer head (it snaps out). NOTE: You may want to wear latex gloves to help keep ink off your hands.

Soak the printer head. There are multiple suggestions on ways to clean the printer head and all have some variation on the following:

  • Get a small, shallow pan and lay down a layer or two of paper towels in the bottom of the container to protect the printer head circuitry from contact damage.
  • Heat up (via microwave) enough Windex concentrate to cover the paper towels few seconds only to warm up.
  • Slowly pour mixture over the paper towels so that you have approximately 1/2 inch of liquid in the bottom of the pan.
  • Set the printer head into the container on top of the towels. You should see ink 'bleeding' out. Move the print head to several different spots (about a minute each spot) and shake gently. This will dissolve the ink clogs.
  • If the printer head is badly clogged let it soak for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. You can move it slightly to a different spot every hour or so.
  • You should cover with Windex silver circles ink ports (5 ink receptors at the top ) if wanted for better results .

Flush the printer head with distilled water.

  • Remove the printer head and rinse it thoroughly with distilled water. Shake it dry and set it on folded paper towels to air dry. (Some folks use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry the printer head.)
  • Reinsert the printer head and ink tanks. The printer should automatically do a "Printer Head Alignment." If it doesn't, manually perform "Printer Head Alignment" through the printer's utility. Next run a printer head cleaning cycle or two followed by printing a nozzle check pattern to check your progress.
  • Repeat as necessary.


Alternative Soak Method ( only if first method did not help ):

  • Mix a 50/50 solution of warm distilled water and Windex and place in a shallow container, enough to cover the base of the printer head and ink ports. Leave for 2 hours while agitating the unit occasionally.
  • Remove from the mix and lightly scrub the base and internal ink ports with an old soft toothbrush.
  • Do not scrub the gold contacts but don't be concerned if they get wet.
  • Return the unit to the mix for another 2 hours and agitate occasionally. Remove and scrub again as before.

Variations of steps above:

  • Soak the printer head in one of the proprietary solutions
  • (Ink 4 Cakes Cleaning Cartridge Liquid , ) specifically designed to clear print heads. Soak the print head for about 60 minutes to overnight depending on the degree of blockage. Use a full eye dropper to flush cleaning solution through the appropriate ink 'hole(s)' that show inside the printer head unit. Don't rush this: do a drop at a time or you might flood the inside of the unit.
  • Purchase an ultrasonic cleaner. Wash the printer head under the warm water tap to remove excess ink. Load the cleaner with the printer head and cleaning solution so that the printer head rests lengthways in the cleaner with the electrical contact surface visible. Repeat the cleaning program a few times, using clean solution in each program.
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What is error 5100 and how do you fix it?
  • Usually an error 5100 code is saying that the ink carriage has problems. Usually something currently is or recently hammed the cartridge carriage. With the machine turned off and the power cord unplugged, open the machine and inspect the inside do you see any stray pieces of icing along the sheet usually route?
  • ALSO ..Cleaning the encoder film of the printer may resolve the 5100 error.

Tips on Storing and Handling Edible Pictures, Edible Paper, and Edible Image

When storing edible prints we propose storing inside a thick sealed Ziploc bag and place it in drawer at room temperature . (No refrigeration necessary )

Problems removing Icing Sheet from backing

If your area experiences high humidity, and the frosting sheet sticks to your backing, you can dry it: 1. Have a go leaving it lie opened for 10-15 minutes and test on one corner. Set down longer if required. Don't leave it lay open too long or it will crack and break up.

In a different way one customer had to do was to utilize a tiny fan. Hers was very sticky.

Place sheet for 15 minutes in freezer

Edible image is cracking

Without delay put it in the refrigerator to moisten back up ( keep in plastic bag obviously). If climate is extremely dry, store pictures within the refrigerator. Never let an image lay uncovered from the package for no reason! It will crack and break all up. It should be okay after it is on the cake though. The icing will keep it moist.

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Applying printed edible sheet

Instructions how to use or apply edible image topper, download here

Ensure your hands are clean and dry before handling Image.

  • If cake is frozen, thaw slightly before icing and avoid cracking. Then apply Picture. • If butter cream has formed a crust, spray using a fine mist of water before applying design.
  • You should not add extra moisture to non-dairy whipped toppings. Keep finished cake refrigerated to increase shelf life.
  • Add a generous mist of water over Royal frosting before applying Picture.
  • If the Picture "bubbles" after application, gently tap (don't rub) the Picture.
  • Feel free to write down inscriptions on top of the Edible Picture. Just be certain never to push your decorating tip through picture after application to frosting
  • If decorated cake is frozen, thaw slowly, preferably inside a refrigerator, avoiding running of colors.
  • .
  • Keep away from extensive exposure to ultraviolet lighting. As with all food coloring, the Picture will fade over time.
Edible image and base are sticking to backing sheet

Humidity is too high - refrigerate or freeze for at least half-hour before application. This will likely stiffen the Picture and allow it to come off the backing sheet in one piece. If time is an element, place the icing sheet inside a microwave oven for 10 to 15 seconds on high but test the backing first. If backing shrinks; don't do this.

In some higher humidity areas, placing in the microwave on defrost setting for 1 minute may fit best. Repeat in 30 second increments until Picture is no longer sticky.

Pictures are dry and brittle and break easily

Pictures were left out in a climate of low humidity. Place dry pictures back in bag and refrigerate. (pictures should re-hydrate moisture and may possibly be saved by refrigerating.)

Memo: When an Picture reaches this stage of dehydration, it is most often unusable. In relative humidity of between 10% to 30%, pictures can become dry and brittle within 3 to 5 minutes of exposure. You may wish to cut across the Picture and place on cake; not to be eaten. Add a piece of saran wrap under Picture for easy removing.

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Colors run after Picture is placed on icing

Moisture in icing is simply too high. Excessive water was applied either before or after application. Let icing dry before application.

Base seriously is not absorbing into icing

Lightly mist icing with water before applying Picture.

Can Edible Image be frozen?

We do not recommend freezing or refrigerating the image unless the sheet is dry or brittle (this may restore it some). We recommend keeping the image stored in a dark place & in room temperature. Placing the image in the freezer or fridge may cause it to bubble up.

Colors ran after putting see-through dome on cake

Icing should have time to dry before dome lid is placed on the cake. In elevated humidity climates, drying time is extended. (In some high humidity/high temperature climates, the dome creates a terrarium type atmosphere, causing the inks from the Picture to sweat and run. If the customer has to use a dome, it's advocated that it have vent holes to permit moisture to escape.

Colors fade after exposing to light

Some luminous lights utilized in cake display cases have a higher ultra violet output used for color correctness. Some pigments utilized in Edible pictures are extremely U.V. sensitive and there may be fading problems in these cases after an exposure period of over 24 hours.

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How to download Print - a - Cake software

Software is not tangible item ( CD or USB ) . Program is delivered to you as instant download .

Link for download can be located in you order confirmation email or My Account space with orders history .Link is valid for 90 days . If your link is expired you must purchase new licence . Your activation serial number is located together with download link .

How to apply icing sheet

Instructions how to apply edible image topper, download here
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