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Hello again fellow bakers! We are excited to bring you some new looks for our website to make your daily shopping routine a bit easier! We are progressively adding all new pictures, or thumbnails, for all our products! We feel an update to our facade is overdue and we are excited to bring it to you during this holiday season! We made some enhancements within the pictures themselves to make distinguishing of products a bit better, and quicker! For instance, if you notice on some, and soon all, our edible ink cartridges, whether they are single or full sets of cartridges, there are colors within the thumbnail to tell apart which cartridge is what color! Each picture will have a cupcake next to the edible cartridge image that matches the color it dispenses! For example, a yellow 251 cartridge will have a yellow cupcake in the thumbnail photo! This way, you will not make a mistake when purchasing sets of edible ink, or individual cartridges! Look out for other new thumbnails coming every day as we slowly keep updating the website to make your ESE (Easier Shopping Experience) better and better! Until next time, farewell! - Ink4Cake Team

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