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Continental USA only  - Alaska , Hawaii , Puerto Rico and US Territories are not eligible for free shipping - SHIPPING POLICY

We Ship Worldwide !

Customer Service available from 10AM - 5PM Mon - Fri Eastern Atlantic Time  Phone: 855-ink4cake

Get Rewarded For Every Purchase Made at Ink 4 Cakes Store

Our rewards program is free for all users. Every purchase will be rewarded with certain amounts of reward points to our members.

Customer can check total accrued points in My Account section and redeem them for an electronic Gift Certificate. Minimum 400 total points is needed to redeem rewards gift certificate.

Points expire 6 months after purchase, make sure to use your points before expiration. 

                                         To check or redeem accrued points:

1. Go to 'My Account' link found at top of webpage and login.

2. Scroll down, near bottom of page to find 'My Rewards' category.

3. Click 'View' to see total accrued points, or,

4. Click 'Redeem' to get your electronic gift certificate emailed to you. 

After scrolling down the account page, you will see the rewards section to view details or redeem points.

View details of your acquired points or redeem them to put towards your purchase. Check your email for code.

   Gift Certificate can be used towards any purchase in our store . 

Visit redeemable items list