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Hello once again!

Have you had the chance to check us out on various sites around the web? If so, then you already know about our various promotions and coupons! If not, then wait no further! Please click on the icons provided on the top of our home page to visit us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! 

We use social media to not only promote our edible products, but to help our customers as well! Youtube is a perfect example of help on the go! If you do not have time to call us, or the line is busy. please visit our support page via YouTube to see short descriptive videos of various hints, tips and help on setting up your edible printer, and installing edible ink cartridges!

Facebook and Twitter are also important pages to visit frequently for promoted deals and coupons you wont find on our website or anywhere else! We try to give our customers many ways to save money while promoting our business in the process, so that you can enjoy your edible shopping experience knowing you are keeping extra money in your pocket!

Thank you for reading, and please look out for our next article next week!

Enjoy your weekend and happy holidays!

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