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Use Our Edible Wafer Paper to Decorate Your Desserts!
You've probably heard of wafer paper before but have you used it yet? Wafer paper is potato starch paper, better know as rice paper. It is an edible stiff paper that has a smooth side and a textured side. Here at Ink4Cakes we provide different thickness for all your edible project needs. AD00 is the thinnest and works great for transferring images onto Jello. AD2 is a great thickness for transferring images as well or for placing on top of icing laying flat. AD4 is a thicker wafer paper and this one works great of transferring images or cutting out images to use as stand-up props on your desserts. Lastly, DD6 is our thickest wafer paper and this one is perfect for all your stand-up edible prop needs! You can get really good quality images despite the textured nature of the paper. Many people don't know about its many uses when it comes to edible decoration. Below find three ways to use our wafer paper in your everyday desserts/pastries. 

Use Edible Wafer Paper to Transfer Images Onto Jello

1. Reflect your image before printing, you can do this using a photo app or software. You need to reflect your image so that it is not backwards when transferred.

2. Cut your wafer paper to size, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure it fits atop you jello for an easy transfer.

3. Spread a little bit of water onto your jello, this will help the ink transfer easily.


4. Leave the image on the jello for a few seconds then carefully remove it.

5. If serving at an event, place the images onto the jello as close to the event time as possible, as images on jello tend to fade over time.

6. Enjoy!

Use Wafer Paper to Wrap Cakes
Wrapping cakes with wafer paper is a simple, beautiful and fast way to decorate your edible creations. Choose our printed wafer papers! Extremely easy to use:

1. Choose your color! Our printed wafer papers come in blue, green, orange, white and pink. We also have printed Chevron patterns!

2. Cut your wafer paper to size using scissors, no fancy cutters necessary.

3. Place on top of icing or adhere to fondant with light corn syrup.

4. Finish adding whatever other decorative elements you’d like.
5. Wow your friends/guests and enjoy!

Print and Cut Out Image on Wafer Paper to Use as Stand Up Props

Our Precut Wafer Paper Butterflies make great stand up edible props, or simply print out your desired design onto our wafer paper and cut out using scissors. Place your toppers on your cake/cupcakes/pastry, they will stick in icing easily, if using on fondant, chocolate, or cookies, use a little bit of corn syrup as adhesive and enjoy your beautifully decorated creation.



We hope you found these great ways to use our wafer paper useful! For more tutorials and product uses follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


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