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Wafer paper is a single most affordable product in edible printing industry , everyone uses it , from big box bakeries to stay at home moms . The main ingredient is wheat flour , potato starch and palm oil while numerous versions of wafer paper from
Asian countries use rice flour as the key ingredient and it's better know as rice paper .

Making intricate flowers and butterfly toppers is easy when paper is treated with our wafer paper conditioner .

Ink 4 Cakes offer 3 different thickness of wafer depending on your project needs .
AD00 /0.20 MIL , AD2 /0.4MIL , AD4/0.6MIL

We also offer full line of pastel colored wafer papers and shredded wafer sheets as well  .
Larger quantities with discounted prices are offered on our wholesale web site

Standard wafer sheets size is aprx. 8.5x11 inches , sold in packs of 10 , 20 ,50 and 100 sheets per pack.
Standard sheets have neutral flavor , however vanilla or any other flavor can be added in production .

For more info visit our Wafer Paper page

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