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How to find App discount code ?

Posted by on 4/24/2018 to General
If you download Ink 4 Cakes App  for IOS or Android  you'll get 10% off your total purchase.
Lot of customers called us  with question " where discount code is located ? "

How to remove or replace print head in Canon Edible Printers

Posted by Admin on 5/15/2017 to Edible Printers
Replacing or removing CC7 and CC10 Canon Edible Printer print head

Cakes for Cops

Posted by Admin on 2/12/2017 to General
The law enforcement climate is a hot topic right now and for all the wrong reasons.  I have thought about this from every angle, the bottom line is that the whole thing has become a tragedy.

Clearing Cache and Cookies

Posted by Admin on 11/11/2016 to General
Browsers are used every day to check your email, look at Facebook or maybe buy your edible image supplies . 
Your browser will keep this information, and over time it could cause problems with logging in or bringing up our website. 
It’s always a good idea to clear out the cache,  browser history, and clear cookies on a regular basis. 
Ink 4 Cakes website is frequently updated with new edible printing products , if cookies are not cleared you would not be able to see any updates.

About Wafer Paper

Posted by Admin on 10/24/2016 to Wafer Paper

History of wafer paper in cake decoration industry .

Mobile App available now !

Posted by Admin on 10/18/2016 to General
Continuing to being leader in edible printing industry we present you our app available for Android and Apple devices .

Windows 10 compatibility

Posted by Admin on 9/26/2016 to Print-A-Cake
If you updated your Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 in some cases after starting program up you can get Run Time Error message . This particular message is warning that you didn't install all necessary windows drivers to run program smoothly on new platform . Same issue can happen on some new laptops or PC that run only basic version of Microsoft Windows 10 . However every Windows 10 is built in old versions drivers in its platform and changing program settings will enable Print a Cake to run in Windows 10 without any issues.

Wafer Paper or Icing Sheets

Posted by Admin on 9/11/2016 to Wafer Paper
We have lot of questions type " should I use wafer paper or icing sheets for my cake " . Usual answer is you can use both .... however cake decorated with printed wafer paper sheet will taste different depending which rice paper has been used than cake decorated with edible image printed on frosting sheet.

Navigating our web site is easy and fun

Posted by Admin on 9/9/2016 to General
Find edible ink cartridges you need for your edible printer in seconds . Just use our Edible Ink Finder located at HOME page

How to refill edible ink cartridges

Posted by Admin on 9/8/2016 to Edible Inks
How to refill edible ink cartridges
Every cake decorator who use edible printer will eventually start thinking about refilling your existing carts with edible ink .
In most cases plug and play full ink set can cost from $30 to $60 depending on printer brand , model and manufacturer .
High quality branded edible ink cartridges are generally little more expensive than generics therefore everyone look for alternatives .

Printing on 2" circles

Posted by Ta Dah Cakery on 8/14/2016 to Icing Sheets
Here is interesting approach and creative solution when printing on 2" circle Frostino Sheets . Lady C was behind this creative solution

Hot Summer.. Cool it off!

Posted by Admin on 6/14/2016 to Edible Images
Hot Summer.. Cool it off!

Blue skies and longer sunny days ...Summer is so much fun! Time for planning trips and LOTS of out-door parties and get together's, so stock up on your edible supplies to add a touch of sweetness to the season....

Calibration value manual adjustment

Posted by Admin on 5/9/2016 to Print-A-Cake
If the values on the Calibration Values Chart are not aligning image to the circles properly , you might need to adjust them manually by increasing or decreasing the X and Y values.

Canon Edible Ink 270/271

Posted by Admin on 5/5/2016 to Edible Inks
Canon Edible Ink 270/271
We got them first! NEW 270/271 XL Canon edible inks for latest Canon printers.

Print a Cake Run Time Error

Posted by Admin on 3/14/2016 to Print-A-Cake
Print a Cake Run Time Error
Runtime errors can occur if you are running two software programs that aren't compatible, if your computer has memory problems, or if the computer has been infected with malicious software. If a runtime error keeps occurring, follow these steps:

Avoiding the Fustrating Roller Marks on Edible Sheets

Posted by Admin on 3/8/2016 to Edible Printers

 Canon printers originally weren't built for edible printing on icing sheets,

they are made with very tiny rollers that you can see if you look closely at the upper ceiling inside the output area. They look like small white or black plastic rollers and these little devils are what press onto your icing sheets and leave annoying marks.

Here is few quick tips :

.Print Settings

Change settings to standard quality printing and paper type to plain is not drying fast enough , raise temperature in room if possible . Try to avoid printing images with dark colors or leave them to be printed last .

.Widen the clearance between the sheet and the rollers

Selecting the ‘Prevent paper abrasion’ setting in the printer settings will widen the clearance between the Print Head and the loaded paper, meaning that the pins won’t roll onto the icing sheet so closely.

To do this, assuming you are using a Canon (a brand we recommend for icing printing due to their removable print heads), click on Printer Properties > Maintenance > Custom Settings > and tick ‘Prevent Printer Abrasion’. Incidentally, changing the ‘ink drying wait time’ won’t help this – this is simply the time the printer waits between each print.

. Dry out paper

If it is humid conditions, the icing sheet can take longer to absorb the ink, meaning that the drying ink can roll onto the sheet. In this  situation it helps to dry out the sheet


Templates for Icing sheets

Posted by Administrator on 2/15/2016 to Icing Sheets
Templates for Icing sheets
Download Icing Sheets Template and Instructions 

Handling Icing Sheets

Posted by Admin on 2/15/2016 to Icing Sheets
The following helpful guides will assist you in handling your icing sheets

Edible Printers Maintenance

Posted by Admin on 2/13/2016 to Edible Printers
Edible Printers Maintenance
Few tips on how to maintain your edible printer . How , when and why .


Posted by Marketing on 12/15/2015 to Edible Images
Secret Discount Codes

New Frostino Icing Sheets!

Posted by Pamela Gomez on 10/23/2015 to Frostino Icing Sheets
Here at ink4cakes we love the idea of bringing new products to our customers so let me introduce you to our newest addition:

Stock up and keep them warm!

Posted by Pamela Gomez Duran on 10/15/2015 to Edible Images

Cold Weather Approaching!

Many of us are beyond excited that fall is finally here with the cold weather tagging along! Knowing that the cold weather is slowly getting here we are now offering our Insulated Metalized Thermal Packing Mailer to protect all of your valuable products until they arrive to you! So what better way to protect your product than with our Insulated Metalized Thermal Packing Mailer?! This special packing is designed to keep all of your products warm to prevent any frost damages, it’s always better to be safe than sorry right?! It’s such a great product that even after you receive your package you can re-use it to keep your Supreme Icing Sheets and Edible Inks in perfect condition so there is no way that you are just throwing money away! Take advantage of this unique product now and stay warm!

Custom images to life!

Posted by Pamela Gomez on 10/8/2015 to Edible Images

Custom images to life!

Custom printing is more than just a pretty picture on a cake, it can be a fun process that evolves your creativity and brings your creations to a whole new level of…. AWESOMENESS!

Here is a quick and simple explanation on how versatile edible custom printing can be!

Supreme Icing sheets are the best choice for photo printing due to their melding quality and smooth bright surface which delivers crisp images and vibrant colors.

 Formats usually range from Letter size (8.5” x 11”) to as big as Tabloid size (11”x17”), a commonly format used in between is Legal size (8.5” x 14”).  These three standard formats are ideal for the usual cake sizes;  Letter size fits a quarter sheet cake, legal size fits a half sheet cake and tabloid is great for full sheet cakes.  You can print border-less to cover the entire surface of your cake with your unique image, or leave a space around your photo to add 3D props or borders; the amount of decoration you can use to compliment your custom print is limitless!

You might be wondering, what kind of images should you use? There is no right or wrong, it all depends on the feel you are aiming for. Print a wild pink cheetah pattern for a reunion with your girlfriends, make your children smile like never before with a cake of their favorite cartoon or add the picture of your loved one for a touching surprise!

But wait a second! Talking about versatility, don’t limit yourself to just cakes.  What about cupcake and cookie lovers?! Well, we have it all for you!  Print on our fun selection of five pre cut- sizes which includes 1.25”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 8” diameter circles, and business cards,  for all your project needs!

Don’t have an edible printing system yet? That’s not a problem; you can still take advantage of the beauty of custom printing!  Kaketalk is the solution and your best tool. Select your desired format, upload your image, customize it and we will print it out for you just the way you love it! All ready for you to simply top your dessert!  Super easy, super fun!

At the end there is no limit as to what you want to create, just let your imagination take over and enjoy our awesome and unique website to bring to life your next project!

July 4th sale starting tomorrow, 10% off everything!

Posted by Vanja Kalajdzic on 7/2/2015 to Edible Cartridges
Ink4Cake is having a July 4th sale by offering all products at 10% off! Just use coupon code July4 and receive your discount! The sale will last from 7/3/15 to 7/6/15 for your convenience.

AD00 wafer paper sale for a limited time only!

Posted by Van Kal on 6/29/2015 to Wafer Paper
Our AD00 wafer paper is on sale for a limited time only. Buy at least 4 packs of 100 of the AD00 to qualify for a $10.95 for each 100-pack discount.