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Cheap printer ink cartridges can be purchased from many offline as well as online stores, but before you get into a deal, keep in mind that not all cartridges are made with higher specification. Some of these products are of inferior quality and are sold cheap because they are low in quality whereas, some others are of good quality and found only at selected stores.

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Fondant Decorations

Fondant is an excellent cake decorating product that adds your personal touch to cookies or cupcakes for special day treats. The smooth finish of fondants will give your dessert a perfect finish that only a professional baker can do. However, it is not the easiest thing to do, but once you get the expertise and proficiency you can utilize it in many different ways for a variety of creative looks you can ideally think of. Before you begin with applying fondant to your cakes and other items you need to make sure it is completely flat to go well with your decoration. You can use a sharp object, such as, knife to cut any excess portion of the cake and to make the edges round else, the fondant might crack after it dries. Then, using a large spoon full of frosting sheet secure your cake to a plate or cake board so that it remains fixed to its position and allow you to decorate it. To prepare fondant for your particular cake decoration, knead it nicely until it becomes soft and feel like clay. Now, using a rolling pin roll the fondant into a thin layer. 
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Edible Ink Refilling

There are lots of confusions when it comes to refilling your edible ink cartridge. Many people try to do refilling at home and they find that the process to be very messy. If you are not careful then there is the risk of ink spills and anything that comes nearby will stain. Moreover, people complained that the cartridge performance is often not as good as normal.
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Edible Ink Printing Booming

Cake sales are soaring. In an average bakery, cake sales amount for one third of their revenue, with more than half of those sales going towards decorated cakes and dessert cakes. Consumers are choosing personalized designs and custom cakes over name brand cakes, and the industry shows how the sales are strong in bakeries across the country. Ink 4 Cakes edible printer kits are a growing part of the custom cake decoration side of the business, and becoming more affordable and outputting higher quality (and profits for bakeries) than ever before. The cake decoration industry is strong and it appears that the biggest push is towards customization. Personalized cakes, photo cakes, and other custom cake products are driving consumer demand and bakeries do well offering edible images in their shops.
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