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Windows 10 compatibility

Posted by Admin on 9/26/2016 to Print-A-Cake
If you updated your Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 in some cases after starting program up you can get Run Time Error message . This particular message is warning that you didn't install all necessary windows drivers to run program smoothly on new platform . Same issue can happen on some new laptops or PC that run only basic version of Microsoft Windows 10 . However every Windows 10 is built in old versions drivers in its platform and changing program settings will enable Print a Cake to run in Windows 10 without any issues.

Wafer Paper or Icing Sheets

Posted by Admin on 9/11/2016 to Wafer Paper
We have lot of questions type " should I use wafer paper or icing sheets for my cake " . Usual answer is you can use both .... however cake decorated with printed wafer paper sheet will taste different depending which rice paper has been used than cake decorated with edible image printed on frosting sheet.

Navigating our web site is easy and fun

Posted by Admin on 9/9/2016 to General
Find edible ink cartridges you need for your edible printer in seconds . Just use our Edible Ink Finder located at HOME page

How to refill edible ink cartridges

Posted by Admin on 9/8/2016 to Edible Inks
How to refill edible ink cartridges
Every cake decorator who use edible printer will eventually start thinking about refilling your existing carts with edible ink .
In most cases plug and play full ink set can cost from $30 to $60 depending on printer brand , model and manufacturer .
High quality branded edible ink cartridges are generally little more expensive than generics therefore everyone look for alternatives .