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Burn Away Cake images - Wafer paper and sugar sheet
Burn Away Cake images - Wafer paper and sugar sheet

Burn Away Cake images - Wafer paper and sugar sheet

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Custom printed wafer paper and sugar paper toppers
Part Number: CP-burnaway
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Unleash your creativity with our Burn Away Cake Image Combo! This trend is also known as "Cake on fire." 

This exclusive pack features a custom printed image on premium wafer paper, allowing you to achieve a unique burn-away effect on the top layer of your cake. Beneath it lies a vibrant and detailed printed sugar sheet, ready to be revealed. 

Elevate your cake decorating game with this dynamic duo – where edible art meets innovation!

Images come printed on a standard 8.5x11" size sheet. If you sized the topper to your specification it must be uploaded as a PDF, otherwise a 5", 6" and 8" circle are available as options. A precut option is also available.

Remove the plastic backing of the sugar paper topper and gently apply it to the top of the cake. Dabble the topper to help adhere to the cake.
Add a border of icing or buttercream around the topper to create space between the sugar and wafer toppers. Make sure to leave enough space for a decorative border later. Add a second layer to ensure the height is large enough. 
Apply the wafer paper topper to the top of the border and gently tap the edges to ensure it sticks to the icing.
Add multiple decorative borders around the original border and around the wafer paper topper, you want to make sure there is a decorative border above the edges of the wafer paper topper to contain the fire from spreading anywhere else.
Light the middle of the wafer paper topper using a long lighter and enjoy the show! Burned wafer paper fragments may fall on the sugar sheet below but it can be easily removed.

DO NOT use heavy background images on the burned topper else it will not burn well!

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