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GoldGourmet - JAR of Edible Gold FLAKES  23k - 1gram
GoldGourmet - Edible Gold Flakes 23k

GoldGourmet - JAR of Edible Gold FLAKES 23k - 1gram

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Edible Gold Flakes 23k - 1gram
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GoldGourmet - Edible gold leaf flakes 23k - 1gram

These edible gold leaf flakes are a beautiful addition to the chef’s palette and wonderful to use for scattering gold over any dessert or drink. 
Gold Leaf Flakes are ideal for creating an atmosphere of abundance and celebration.
 Even better, they are economical too, as even a small amount makes a dramatic effect.

Ideal for creating banquet spreads and volume confections, yielding up to 400 applications

FDA Compliant, Gluten free, Kosher, free of all known allergens

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