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Should I Buy Empty Edible Ink Cartridges?


If you've been purchasing our Epson edible ink since the beginning, you may have noticed that our new Epson ink cartridges have been updated to empty refillable cartridges. While it may seem like an unwise thing to purchase empty cartridges, you have to hear us out on why purchasing these refillable cartridges is a worthy investment in the long run! So you may ask, why did we do it? To save you time and money! How? Well we are glad you asked, here are four reasons why purchasing empty edible ink cartridges is a worthy investment in the long run!

1. Less time spent ordering - If you decide to start using our Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges, you won't have to order ink but two or three times per year (depending on your usage) 

2. Saves space - If you're a busy business owner and you know you go thru 20 cartridges a month, you'll probably buy those sets beforehand to make sure you have them when you need them. With our Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges you wont have to worry about storing 20 cartridges somewhere in your home/business. One single set of Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges is good to use multiple times, meaning you only have to have 5 ink cartridges at a time, so save your cupboard space for something else!

3. Saves money - While it may seem like a big investment at first (buying the edible ink cartridge set AND the refill ink set) it will SAVE YOU TONS! Let's do the math. One set of Empty Refillable Cartridges $49.99 (most expensive set) + Refill bottle set ($69.99) + Refill Tool Kit ($7.99) = $127.97 So you have an initial investment of $127.97. Each Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges is good for at least 5 refills, meaning you can use each cartridge for at least up to 5 times (usually more) That means that you get 5 regular edible ink cartridge sets out of one Empty Refillable Ink Cartridge set. Each regular edible ink set is $59.99, so x5 is $299.99. If you had bought 5 set of regular ink cartridges, you'd be spending $299.99, but with the Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges you only spent $127.97 for the same amount of yield. Not to mention that each refill bottle can give you up to 14 refills, that means that you can refill up to 14 cartridges per 120ml bottle! If you assume that each Empty Refillable Ink Cartridge will only give you it's estimated 5 refills, that means you would have to buy 2 more sets of Empty Refillable Ink Cartridge in order to empty out your 120ml refill bottle. In order to empty out your refill bottles that means that you would have spent a total of three sets of Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges ($49.99x3) + Refill bottle set ($69.99) + Refill Tool Kit ($7.99) = $227.95. That means that for $227.95 you get 14 sets of edible ink cartridges! If you had purchased all those 14 sets as regular edible ink cartridges, it would have come to a total of $839.86! That is a savings of over $600!  The numbers speak for themselves in this case. If you were hesitant to buy because of the original investment price, I hope this math helps clear things up!

4. Easy to use - While refilling cartridges may seem like a daunting task, it is quite easy to do! Using our edible ink refill tool kit, simply assign one syringe per color, fill the syringe a third of the way, and insert the syringe into the whole at the to of the ink cartridge. Plug your cartridge back up and it's all set to go! Make sure to always use the syringe with its assigned color to avoid color mixing. Rinse syringes throughly with water to clean the up. 

So there it is, four reasons why buying our new Each Empty Refillable Ink Cartridges is a no brainer! 

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