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Epson refillable ink cartridges  - How to refill

1) Hold or support cartridge upright.

2) Leave the yellow air hole tape  in place. 

3) Remove and keep the ink plug.

4) Securely attach blunt needle to 10ml syringe and fill it with ink - by dipping the needle in ink (bottle) and slowly pulling the plunger to 10-12ml mark. Don't pull it all the way out of the syringe!

5) Slowly fill the ink reservoir through the hole to roughly 5mm from top. If one syringe full is not enough, add more ink in the same way.

6) Plug the ink hole and remove tape (or plug) from the air hole. Don't forget!

7) If your refilled cartridge looks like above...well done. This is a perfectly filled Epson cartridge. You can fast-forward to Step #9. 

But ... if it looks more like the next picture, the air balance channel (under the air hole) is completely full and must be emptied. That part of cartridge should be empty or almost empty for reliable operation. If used the way it is, the cartridge would leak and/or not print.

8) To remove any excess ink - from the air channel, use an empty syringe with a tapered (not screw on) tip - to suck the ink back into the main cartridge reservoir. Simply push the syringe tip inside the ink hole (tight)...

... then slowly pull on the plunger - to move the ink across. When the air channel is almost empty (as below), carefully disconnect the syringe and empty any ink back in the bottle.

9) Plug the ink hole. If the main ink level has dropped much, you can top it up first.

10) Rinse syringes in clean water - when finished.

All done ... 

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