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Icing Sheet Heating Pad
Heating Pad for icing sheets

Icing Sheet Heating Pad

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Heating pad for icing sheets
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Try our new heating pads for icing sheets!

These pads are great for preventing roller marks (little black lines on your images) by warming up and softening your icing sheets so they feed through the printer more smoothly. 

If your icing sheets are sticky and you are having trouble removing one from the batch, put the whole pack on the heater for about 15 minutes and notice the difference!

Before printing your edible image, remove one sheet from the pack and place it on the heater for 10-20 seconds and notice that there will not be any stains on the image.

The pad measures at 11"x11" so they are perfect for most sheets; but if you need to use it for Tabloid size (11"x17") we recommend using two and placing them next to each other.

Heating pad includes a 45-day standard warranty. 

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