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Water Activated Rainbow Mini Palette
Water Activated Rainbow Mini Palette

Water Activated Rainbow Mini Palette

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Water Activated Rainbow Mini Palette
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The Water Activated Metallic Food Paints are designed for fine lines and small detailed areas. This Rainbow Mini Palette includes 5 metallic colors:

– Hot Pink
– Mandarin Orange
– Banana Yellow
– Green Tea
– Ocean Blue

Paint fine lines and small areas on:
– Royal Icing 
– Macarons 
– Fondant 
– Buttercream 

Enjoy a rub free, fast drying, 100% food grade edible paint. Kosher Approved – Vegan Friendly – Zero Alcohol

We recommend using a good quality food grade paint brush to get the most out of your paint. 

Prep: You will need a small amount of clean water and a dropper to activate paint. Have another glass of water handy to wash brush in between colour change. Activate: Add a drop or two of water into each palette and wait 60 seconds for activation. Stir: Give your palette a good stir until you see it form into an opaque paint. Add a drop of water and stir again if needed. 

Paint: Paint in one direction to achieve the best results. Don’t paint over wet paint. If second coat is needed wait until first coat is dry. Wash brushes immediately to avoid damaging brush. When you have finished painting wait for your palette to dry up before closing the lid. If this product is new to you we recommend taking the time to become familiar with the product. Practice and play is the best way to gain confidence and gain the best out of your paint. Store in a dry cool place. 

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