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Top Melts - Edible Drink Toppers

Have you guys heard of the latest thing in edible printing? Edible Drink Toppers! We were the first to introduce this new technology back in 2018.
So what exactly are Top Melts? They our branded edible drink toppers. They work on most any drink. You can use them on coffee, cocktails, egg based drinks,
milk based drinks, milk, juice, and many other types of drinks. As long as the drink has a bit of girth to it, the sky's the limit!

So use these awesome topper at your next corporate event, wedding, birthday party, girl's weekend, for the big game, or just to add
a nice to message/image to any drink. Spice up your customization and wow your guests. There is no limit to what we can
print on Top Melts. Many people love to have their logos printed so that they can impress a new possible client. Some prefer
to print photos of loved ones for their birthday or event celebration. Don't want an image? No problem, you can simply have text printed
for a clean and modern look. 

So however you take your coffee, cocktail, or drink, make sure you take it with a Top Melts!

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