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Twiggy Sheets - pack of 24 sheets - A4 size Thinnest icing sheets
Twiggy Sheets- Thinnest and most translucent icing sheets

Twiggy Sheets - pack of 24 sheets - A4 size Thinnest icing sheets

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Thinnest and most translucent icing sheets
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Twiggy Icing Sheets - A4 size - 24 pack  the thinnest and most translucent icing sheet ever made.

This extra thin Icing Sheet is great for decorating most drinks and other desserts.
Twiggy sheets are ideal to print images to customize drinks; best if used with any creamy coffee or milk based beverages such as Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Espresso etc. 
Try it on any egg white cocktails to impress your guests. Avoid carbonated and watered down beverages.
Make an impression on your next event in a very creative way. 
Twiggy sheets can also be used on fondant, isomalt, chocolate, candy apples and more.

IMPORTANT: Keep your sheets sealed at all times and handle quick and very carefully to avoid dryness and damage.
CAUTION: Twiggy sheets are fragile because of their thin nature; must be handled with EXTREME CAUTION. Cookie cutters and cutting machines are not recommended.

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