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What are Twiggy Sheets?

(Twiggy Sheets used for our TopMelts Edible Drink Toppers)

We introduced Twiggy sheets to the world back in early 2018. This sheet was just an idea that manifested itself beautifully. We wanted a sheet that was thin enough to put on drinks but strong enough that it would not break or crack easily. 
Using one of our existing sheets formula, we were able to create a sheet that did just that but what we didn't realize was that we created a sheet that did MORE than just sit beautifully on top of drinks, this sheet has many more uses! 

Twiggy Sheets as Edible Drink Toppers

First and foremost, our Twiggy sheets were created to be used as edible drink toppers, we sell precut circle sizes that cater to that specific need. 

Our precut sizes are 2inch, 2.5inch, 3inch, and 3.5inch. These sizes were carefully thought of to fit specific glass sizes such as champagne flutes, margarita glasses, martini glasses and so much more. For our clients that already have edible printers, they can purchase packs of blank Twiggy sheets so that they can print on the sheets using their personal edible printing systems.

For our clients that do not have edible printing systems but still want edible drink toppers, we offer our Twiggy Sheet prints, which we call TopMelts. Our TopMelts clients place their print order with us and we print their edible drink toppers and ship right to their door! 
All they have to worry about is placing their drink topper on their drink. 
This option works great for corporate events, large parties, coffee houses, breweries, bars and basically any business where one wants to impress their customers with personalized drinks. 

So if you want to give our TopMelts edible drink toppers a try, shoot us an email! 

(Twiggy Sheets used for our TopMelts Edible Drink Toppers)

Twiggy Sheets as Transfer Sheets

Our Twiggy Sheets can also be used as transfer sheets. Due to their thinness, Twiggy sheet prints can be used on light colored chocolates as an alternative to transfer sheets. 
Simply print on your Twiggy sheet and place it on the chocolate covered treat. Make sure your chocolate is still somewhat melted for best results. You can use them on chocolate covered treats such as Oreos, rice krispie treats, cake pops, and chocolate truffles. 

Unlike our Universal Transfer Sheets, Twiggy sheets cannot be used to transfer onto merengues or isomalt candies, they can only be used for chocolates.

(Twiggy Sheets used as Chocolate Transfer Sheets)

Twiggy Sheets as Edible Prints

Lastly, our Twiggy Sheets can be used as regular edible prints. If you are looking for a transparent, subtle print, then Twiggy is one way to go. 
Use the prints on cakes, cupcakes, and any other sweet treat that you want to customize with an edible print. So next time you're in the market for a sheet that can do it all, try our Twiggy Sheets, you won't be disappointed!

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