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Edible Printers Maintenance

Posted by on 2/13/2016 to Edible Printers
Edible Printers Maintenance
Edible printers became necessity today in many bakeries , not only new toy affordable to few cake decorators . Simplicity of use and improvements made with edible papers  allowed every cake decorator to respond on customers growing demand for photo cakes .
Let's point on few details how to prolong edible printer life performing in many cases mandatory maintenance
  •  What is edible printer life expectancy ?
This is question that every cake decorator ask . And answer is very simple . After 4 years of use printer should be discarded and replaced even if printer is still working flawlessly . Of course they can last much longer , reason for discard would be preventive nature only . There is many parts in your printer that will get in contact with edible products , some of this parts are impossible to clean or disinfect after certain periods  . You can't steam clean it , you can't wash it solution is always simple , just get new one .
With today prices for edible printer kits less than $ 200.00 every decorator can certainly afford new machine . If you can't it's time to revise how much you charge your customers for services
If you print only one edible image per day with average price of $ 10.00 per sheet , funds you spent on edible printer is back in your pocket after month . It's hard to find better return on investment  in today economy , stay on safe side and get new one . Keep your customers safe and happy.
  • I got my edible printer , is it cleaning necessary and how often do I need to clean it ?
Edible printers are designed for every day use . More it's used ,better performance . Cleaning should be performed only when needed . However TEST PRINT is mandatory on daily basis if you print large amount of edible images . Nozzle check will assure quality and color consistency .  
  • How do I clean it ?
Every printer have maintenance mode built in it . Look for Settings or Set up button . Few clicks away is Print Head Cleaning command . Get your cleaning cartridges set and keep it close .
  • How often should I use cleaning cartridges ?
It's recommended to use cleaning cartridges every few months . They have ability to purge or dissolve clogs and build ups in print head . Another benefit of using cleaning carts is disinfection .
  •  How to use cleaning cartridges ?
First Remove set of edible inks . Insert cleaning cartridges and close printer lid . After processing run print head cleaning once . Turn printer off with cleaning cartridges inside your edible printer and wait 2 - 4 hours before powering your machine . Replace cleaning carts with edible inks and run another print head cleaning to purge any cleaning solution left in print head .

Few tips :
  • Never turn machine off , let it go to sleep mode and save ink avoiding initiation and processing every time machine is turned on
  • Don't remove cartridges from printer except for replacement or cleaning
  • Printing in high quality resolution can slow printer down . If saturated image is not goal than print in standard quality
  • Don't  mix edible inks in your machine . Edible inks are not same , quality differ from brand to brand and you can get some unwanted issues.
  • Never buy edible inks on Ebay or Amazon unless product coming  from know USA brand in retail packaging. After testing 80% of edible inks sold on market places were contaminated and toxic , probably hand refilled in garages or sweat shops without any FDA certification . Stay safe.
  • Clean icing sheet path and edible paper tray after every print . Simple air can will do job in 10 seconds.
  • Run roller cleaning every time after printing large , dark and saturated images or pass 20 blank office paper sheet thru machine
  • Have fun , getting mad and frustrated will get you nowhere if you have problem for help and calm down , people respond same way you address them .....

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Date: 5/20/2016
Hi, Im trying to run my cleaning cartridges purchased thru you for Canon MG552 (also purchased thru you). I am getting an error message that two of the cartridges are not recognized... PGBK and M . support code 1660. what should i do? thank you, kelly

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