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Updating your Epson printer firmware version may prompt a cartridge problem message on your printer’s display, preventing you from using our compatible edible ink cartridges. Customers that want to continue using our edible ink cartridges may choose to avoid updating their firmware*

How to Turn Off Epson Firmware Update

If you are using Windows, you can disable automatic updates by opening up the Epson Software Updater on your desktop.

1. Search for "Epson Software Updater" on the Windows search bar and open up the program

2. Select your printer model from the drop down menu and then select "Auto Update Settings"


3. Select "Never" under the "Interval to Check" menu. To save your settings and exit, select "OK".


If a recent firmware update is preventing you from using compatible printer cartridges, you can try reverting the firmware. Reverting the firmware may allow your printer to work with the previous version of your printer firmware before the update occurred.  You can check our previous blog post  for instructions on how to revert your firmware.

If you have any questions about firmware updates, please contact us! Our friendly customer service team is available 6 days a week and we are happy to help!

*Turning off updates may affect other functionality. Please see your printer support page for more details.



Date 1/20/2021

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